GetNews receives news from any web site and saves them in local database.Has usable interface for reading news and search options.




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Description of GetNews:

GetNews - new program developed to collect the news articles from your favorite sites. GetNews can automatically check different channels and save all information in your own news archive. Fast and usable interface of GetNews saves a lot of your time.

With GetNews you can get articles from news portals or internet magazines, messages on forums, reviews of fresh programs from catalogs, and more interesting information from Net.

We create a lot of news channels (one for each site) for different topics. You can download them here. ; Unique. GetNews is very flexible and allows you to create your own channels for almost all news portals in internet. ; Unique. GetNews can work with two-level news sources. It mean that you can get not only headers es, but full text of the articles. ; For each channel you can adjust individual schedule. ; You can use GetNews in two ways:
- if you have a permanent connection to internet, program will refresh specified channels by schedule;
- you make GetNews refresh channels in the moment to read articles off-line. ; Proxy servers are supported. ; Channels could be assign to different categories. ; Unique. Downloaded news are stored in local database, it allows to save news for any period and search for necessary articles in future. ; Interface is easy, comfortable and customizable. ; Unique. You can search in database for required information. There are different types of search: by date, by source, by keywords and others.

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