SocketMail Lite Edition

Multi-domain mail server for Linux with web client (like hotmail). Written in PHP. Rely on catch-all pop3 account. Using 100% PHP and MySQL.




$79 (USD)



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Description of SocketMail Lite Edition:

SocketMail Lite is designed to allow webmasters who do not have any dedicated server or using shared web-hosting services to provide web based email service.

SocketMail Lite support multi-domain 'alias', that enable you to provide service like From one single web site, users can signup for domain name of their choice and later login to the domain that they have signed up for. Refer to image below, note that the drop-down list of domains will appear when you have more than one (1) domain names on the system.

Webmaster who is the e-mail service provider can add unlimited domain names. SocketMail Lite uses catch-all POP3 mail mechanism to capture all user mails before distributing it to user mail boxes in MySQL database.

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