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Add hyphenation capability into your web page document. Make your page stand out. Simple and Easy.




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Description of Izlenim Html Hyphenator:

This software is created to make web pages look more beautiful. Izlenim HTML Hyphenator can add hyphenation marks into any web page. This makes your page have dashes at the end of some of the lines where the whole word can not fit, but some part of it can fit like in newspaper columns.
Izlenim HTML Hyphenator hyphenates a document in 2 steps first it looks in its hyphenation word list. This list contains over one hundred and sixty thousand words with their hyphenation marks added. After this step if the word could not be found in the hyphenation list, it applies an algorithm called TEX to the word, this is a pattern algorithm where over 5000 US English patters of hyphenation are searched within the word.
Izlenim HTML Hyphenator is very easy to use, and has a built-in editor with html code highlighting.
Make you pages stand out from the rest, use Izlenim HTML Hyphenator!

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