HTMLHide will make HTML code of your site unreachable.There is no need in any browser extensions.With one push of button you can work up your site




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HTMLHide will make HTML code of your site unreachable. What for do you need it? Let's imagine that you have created interesting site and you want to increase its attendance. But there is possibility that somebody can copy its code, make duplicate of your site and change your banners with his own banners. It's easy to imagine that the number of your visitors will decrease in proportion to number of duplicates of your site. This program will do possibility of such plagiarism with your files unreal.
The program has two opportunity of file conversion. 1. File is converted entirely. 2. File is converted partly. In the file you place tags <HIDE> and </HIDE>. The file is converted between these tags. This opportunity is useful for conversion of files of large size. There is possibility of removing of converting HTML code in external javascript file.
There are three variants of work of the program. 1.Process with a single file. 2.Process with a list of files. You choose files from folders, making a list of files for converting. 3.Process with folders. Outgoing folder contains HTML files, other files and subfolders. It can be copy of your site. In this variant of work converted HTML files will be placed to the destination folder. All other files will be copied. Subfolders will be worked up the same way. With one push of button you can work up your site entirely.

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