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Description of WISE-FTP:

WISE-FTP offers the following features: º Connect to any desired FTP server! º Easy to handle: Work with FTP servers as if they were local files and directories, like in Windows Explorer! º Use all features that you need to manage your FTP servers easily: delete, rename, copy, change properties of remote files and directories, and many more! º Drag-and-drop of files and directories between local and remote system! º Simultaneous transfers of several files to one or more servers! º Import FTP accounts directly from your provider with just one mouse click without having to type in URLs, passwords or user names manually (Note: this feature is currently only supported by 1&1 and Schlund & Partner). º Manage your FTP servers in directories! º Quick view files with the internal viewer or the appropriate Windows program! º Live-Update ensures that your software is always up-to-date! º Fully customizable thanks to a lot of options and parameters! º Synchronize directories between your local and remote system without having to transfer files individually! º Wise-FTP Scheduler! Use this new convenient tool for your transfers! º Integration of the Windows Explorer. º Synchronization of directories including all subdirectories between your local system and FTP server. º Move files and directories directly to the FTP server - without downloading them to the local system before! º Remember transfer tasks! Save recurring transfers to reload them later with only few mouse clicks. º Search for files on the FTP server. º Create and organize favorites. º Edit files directly on the FTP server (use external or internal editor and re-load file afterwards). º Run file operations (create, delete etc. files/directories) on your local system. º Sounds for different actions (configurable). º Multilingual user interface - switch between English, German and French with just a few mouse clicks. º Detailed Help! º and a lot more useful features!

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