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Send personalized messages, create contact databases and extract all data from your web forms. PostCast possesses autoresponders, an integrated mail s




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Description of PostCast Professional:

PostCast is a program which: sends personalized e-mail messages, processes orders, extracts data from web forms and e-mail messages and inserts them into the database. It possesses tools that deal with databases of all formats. It has an integrated mail server, a fully compatible e-mail client that supports all current standards, newsletter and mailing list servers alike. The autoresponder can send an infinite number of personalized, automatic messages. A data exchange with other programs and CGI scripts is also feasible. The integrated scheduler can perform all tasks quite independently i.e. without your participation. These are just some of the PostCast options. The only requirements are about 15MB of hard drive space and dial-up connection to the Internet.

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