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Is spam driving you crazy? Junk e-mail is set to increase exponentially over the next few years and has already become a worldwide problem. According to "Jupiter Research", unwanted e-mail or spam now forms around 36% of e-mail sent.

You are just a few minutes from learning the easiest and most powerful way to stop unwanted e-mail from getting to your computer. Forget about other ways to stop spam, we are going to show you the ONLY way to deal to senders of junk e-mail so you receive only the e-mail you want!

MailWasher Pro is the answer to your time wasting junk mail problems, as well as letting you preview and delete your e-mail before it gets to your computer, MailWasher Pro also lets you bounce e-mail back to the spammers so it looks as though your address is not valid. Watch how quickly this gets you off mailing lists! Join over 3,000,000 other people who have downloaded MailWasher!MailWasher Pro is so simple to use.

Apart from being the most effective software to fight spam, you'll find that MailWasher Pro is probably the easiest anti-spam software to use. We took the view that if we can't understand how to use a piece of software in under 5 minutes then it's probably always going to be hard to use. Why try and learn a whole lot of new icons and procedures? You want a program with a minimal learning curve, is easy to use and looks attractive.

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