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NetLimiter is small utility for a limit your daily spent time on theInternet. With NetLimiter, you can easy limit daily Internet time andprevent your kids (or yourself) from spending a lot of time (and money) onthe net every day. This is very useful if you or your kids, like most of uslose sense for time when log-on to network. Using is very simply, onlyunpack file NetLimit.exe in any folder (except directly on root of HD) andstart it, then set options. You must set the password and daily limit andthat's all. When you connect to network NetLimiter start counting and whenlimit is reach, automatic disconnect. Of course, there are some usualoptions like "Start with Windows" and "Run minimized". Also you can disablemonitoring, if you only want to limit time when you are away, if you rightclick on tray icon (near to system clock). Registered users also can disableMS-DOS prompt (to prevent date changing with DOS command DATE), Date/Timechanging in control panel, Regedit (registry editor), Exit To DOS, anddisable the various function keys that modify the boot process, such as F5and F8.Special requirements: None.

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