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Description of LockWin 2.4 (>20 lic.):

This program allows you to give users restricted access to your computer and your internet account. The idea came about because my friend Chris, who runs the Youth Hostel in Plakias on Crete, wanted to allow his office computer to be used by guests to check their e-mails and to surf in the internet for travel information.
Two factors were important:
The guests should only have access to certain programs (a browser and an e-mail-program) and the time they used the internet connection should be logged so that the guests could be charged a small fee for the service. Now here is the result...LockWin.
If you are an internet caf¨¦, hotel, airport, or anywhere that provides computers for the public to use then LockWin is the answer to your management problems. If you are a school, college, library, or anywhere that allows inexperienced users on their computers then LockWin is the answer for protecting all the system and sensitive programs. The charge can be set to zero if required. LockWin gives a very user friendly Windows desktop screen, but only those programs decided by the administrator are available. Access to this desktop is generally by a password provided by the administrator. The date and the time of log on and log off of every user are all recorded and automatically priced. All the options for the administrator are available on one simple to use screen. Features: User friendly desktop - simple to use for everybody User menues and messages in 7 languages Three groups of users with different access rights are possible Charge your users later by logfile or by prepaid accounts in advance Prepaid accound are reloadable PIN number system for account creation and account loading Terminate unwanted programs or tasks Allow up to 64 program icons on desktop for program starts Connect and disconnect automatically to the internet Check the computer access by logfile.

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