IPetC Premium

Automatic network configurator, No manual network configuration. Only 1 click.




$25 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of IPetC Premium:

IPetC Premium is Automatic network configurator.Without manual network configuration, IPetC Premium connect your system with internet.Not only Pre-used network, but also zero knowledge network, by one click, network configuration is done.At work, at home, plug a network cable, IPetC Premium search a connectable network configuration by itself.When you visit a network for the first time, magic profile creat a connectable configuration without network administrator's help.In wired or wireless, IPetC Premium provide same functions to you."What was my IP address...?"Click "search"button. IPetC Premium applies the connectable network profile created in the network."What IP address can I use?"Using Magic profile, you can get it without administrator's help. But It is not a hacking tool. If you use it illegally, Paybank refuse to take any reponsibility for the use.

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