IGetMail downloads POP3 Internet email from an unlimited number of group and individual accounts and sends to your SMTP (MS Exchange, Eudora, UNIX) em




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Description of IGetMail:

IGetMail is an e-mail gateway that automatically retrieves Internet POP3 email messages from multiple remote servers and delivers them to your SMTP email server.IGetMail expands the capabilities of your local Microsoft Exchange Server, Eudora World Mail, or UNIX email server, by adding the ability to pull mail from unlimited remote servers. It retrieves mail using any Internet access method, including dial-up networking, ISDN routers, DSL or T1.Additional features include: supports unlimited individual and group (or Internet domain) accounts, which may originate at multiple ISPs; supports weekday and weekend schedules, allowing you to specify a time period and the frequency at which your incoming mail is downloaded; sorts Internet domain mail automatically; and, allows you to map mail from individual accounts to specific accounts on your MS Exchange Server.

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