WeOnlyDo! SFTP client library with source code

Secure FTP Client Component - used to transfer files securely over internally encrypted SSH layer



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Description of WeOnlyDo! SFTP client library with source code:

The Secure File Transfer Protocol provides secure file transfer functionality over any reliable data stream, SSH in this case. It is the standard file transfer protocol for use with the SSH2 protocol. wodSFTP component implements client side of this protocol which is reliable and easy to use.

SFTP protocol is designed to provide primarily file transfer, but also more general file system access on the remote server - in secure manner. SFTP protocol assumes it is running on secure channel (secure channel is implemented in wodSFTP), thus no plaintext passwords or file information is readable on the network.

wodSFTP supports most important PutFile (for file uploading), GetFile (for file downloading) methods, but also methods for creating directories on the server, deleting directories and files, list files in some directory etc..

As usual, wodSFTP is a royalty free component.

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