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VisualSoft FileUpload 3.4 is a combination of server side component and client-side ActiveX control for uploading files.




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What is VisualSoft FileUpload?
VisualSoft FileUpload 3.4 is a combination of server side component and client-side ActiveX control for uploading files from a local system to the web server. It is based on the RFC 1867 standard. The purpose of VisualSoft FileUpload is to overcome numerous limitations of purely browser-based upload solutions in a more secure way using SSL.VisualSoft FileUpload, allows user to upload files to the server from a web page viewed by a browser or a custom built application with Visual Basic, Visual C++ or any other platform supporting COM. Using VisualSoft FileUpload component, users can send files of any format, such as Word documents, Images, EXE's or Plain texts from the local system to the Web Server.VisualSoft FileUpload has following Interfaces ; FileUpload ; FileUploadClient ; CabWhere can VisualSoft FileUpload be used?VisualSoft FileUpload component can be used in web applications, when the end users want to send files to web server. You can use VisualSoft FileUpload component for the following purposes ; Transferring Files to Web Server ; Cabinet Compression Support ; Directory Creation/Deletion ; Transferring files to Database ; Downloading Files ; File/Directory Details ; Server Information ; Uploading to Server Memory ; Uploading to Virtual DirectoryWhat's new with VisualSoft FileUpload 3.4 ; Supports GetMultipleFileNames. ; Support for Cab Interface which includes the following methods ; PrepareCab ; ExtractCab ; Support for restricting files of a particular size and type ; Authentication support ; Support for retrieving total number of files/folder in the list ; Support for retrieving path of the files/folders in the list ; Support for getting total size of files/folders in the list ; Supports Directory Upload with folder structure Key Features ; ActiveX Control ; Full Cabinet File Support ; Uploading to Virtual Directory ; Uploading to database ; Downloading files ; Server Information ; Compliant with RFC 1867 CompatibilityVisualSoft FileUpload is compatible with following platforms ; MS Visual C++ .NET ; MS Visual Basic .NET ; MS Visual C++ ; MS Visual Basic ; MS Visual FoxPro ; C# ; ASP ; ASP .NET ; HTMLAny other programming environments that supports COM.

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