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Surfsniffer is a program which intercepts data sent to and from your Internet browser. The program acts as a local proxy server which visualizes the data that passes through.
When you surf the Internet your browser downloads web pages, Java applets, images, animations and many other files. It stores and sends cookies to and from your hard disk and sends information filled out in forms or acquired otherwise. This complex process remains hidden for the user and developer of Internet applications. Surfsniffer enables you to get the inside information of this process.
Packet grabbers or packet sniffers allow you to retrieve data packets on a low level. Such packets are difficult to interpret or manually translate into higher layer packets. Those high-layer packets contain the actual data in the form in which it is used: the web page, applet, image, etc.
Surfsniffer intercepts data sent using HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) in the application layer. This makes the data easy accessible in its useful form, the actual web page, applet, image, etc.

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