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smscom is program over with parameters in a command line a SMS message to be dispatched. In addition the official Modem/ISDN a selection node of the network carriers is selected. The program can be used with all applications, which support an executing over command line with parameters. smscom can in a DOS window, over a batch file (* bat) or as macro in other applications.-Device-independently by use of the TAPI (Telephony API) interface-Installed SMS service for Modem/ISDN: D1, D2, E+, A1(A), NatelD(CH)-Sending dependent on messages upto max. 1120 Chars(on the SMS service)-Applicable as macro in MS Word, Excel, as batch file or in the DOS window-Sending from text, text files(ASCII format) or contents of the Clipboard(ASCII format)-Sending to different radio nets with one Call

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