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Description of @SMS Personal Outlook pro (1 license):

Add-In for Microsoft? Outlook
Using high quality premium SMS services!
@SMS personal Outlook pro is meant for the professional use of SMS with Microsoft? Outlook.
Today there are many solutions to dispatch SMS from PC: Free services in the Internet, additional programs and other. If someone wants to send SMS-Messages to already known and registered persons, however, quickly , reliable without detours, has little choice. Systems interacting with scheduling and filtering incoming eMail for forwarding as SMS are really rare. 

We have the only real integrated an interacting SMS plug-In for Microsoft? Outlook!
Many enterprises or persons use Microsoft ? Outlook as a communication system. It is naturally to have the SMS function also here as an extension to sty in touch with your vital communication while being mobile.
eMail  will be forwarded by SMS by setting up  a filter  using the standard Outlook rules wizard.
Incoming eMail can also be forwarded only after a certain time if not read: This is practical while you are in you Office but not at your desk. Important eMail's will follow you only where and when needed.
Further you can send reminders from Outlook calendar entries as  SMS sending them to  yourself or to a meeting / appointment  participant on the mobile phone. 

This function helps for example all enterprises that want  to avoid customers or patients forget appointments. 

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