SMS Gateway by GPA Technology - Windows Edition

SMS Gateway is a utility that enables two-way SMS messaging from a PC environment using OLE,DDE,SMTP/POP3,HTTP/HTML,HTTP/XML or Command Line Interface




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Description of SMS Gateway by GPA Technology - Windows Edition:

SMS Gateway is a unique Short Message Service (SMS) messaging tool. It facilitates complete two way messaging capabilities over GSM networks for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP based applications through the use of DDE, OLE Automation, SMTP, POP3, HTTP, XML, and the Command Line Interface (CLI).

SMS Gateway connects a PC to a GSM handset (Mobile Terminal), via a PCMCIA "Cellular Data Card", or specialised cable connected to a COM port, or Infrared (see the Hardware page). Through this connection all messages currently stored in the mobile terminal can be retrieved, new messages sent, and new incoming messages be sent straight through to the PC. Other facets such as radio signal strength and error rates may also be read from the Mobile Terminal over this interface. SMS Gateway comes with an interactive two way messaging utility named SMS Messenger, which demonstrates some of the capabilities of SMS Gateway when using the OLE interface. This utility may be used for ad-hoc messaging alongside a corporate messaging or database access application.

For developers, SMS Gateway leverages the common Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) and Object Linking and Embedding Automation (OLE Automation) specifications to allow the transmission and reception of SMS messages directly from any application supporting these standards. Applications supporting DDE & OLE Automation include; Delphi, Paradox, FoxPro, WordPerfect, Excel, Word, Access, Visual Basic, and many more.

SMS Gateway also supports the sending of messages to individual or groups of destinations directly from the Windows Command Line Interface (CLI). This facility is useful for easy integration with Network Management utilities that are able issue Windows commands under certain prescribed circumstances, e.g. to send a message to a technician when a certain equipment alarm is raised.

Additionally, SMS Gateway supports a powerful bi-directional HTTP based eXtensible Markup Language (XML) interface that enables easy integration with web enabled environments, such as Active Server Pages and Java. Fully commented source code for the above mentioned SMS Messenger application, written in Delphi 7.0, is also included in the package, so you can easily adapt its functions for your particular needs.

Sample code for sending messages, receiving messages and controlling SMS Gateway using Visual Basic in Excel is also included with the installation files.

SMS Gateway includes a set of management utilities including a HTML based diagnostic facility, generation of SNMP traps for significant events, and comprehensive logging to text files (viewable via a HTML management page). SMS Gateway is suitable for dispatch, field access to databases, telemetry, vehicle tracking, and many more such applications.

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