Network messaging, remote-taskmanager, manage network connections of remote users, remote executing, Great Tool for Admins and Userhelpdesk.




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Description of SL-Message:

Instant network messaging for your NT-domains or workgroups (great replacement to winpopup). Includes a powerful remote-taskmanager, remote-shutdown, manages Network connections of remote users and has a really powerful built in scripting language which enables you to perform various actions on remote-computers. You can start programs, documents and url?s on multiple computers over your network. You can change the registry and ini-files, handle all fileoperations, create program-manager icons and shell-links, query user- and workstation-information and use these information for very flexible message filtering. As a highlight, all these actions may be executed under every usercontext you want (like UNIX su). Is has a multilingual user userinterface which can be restricted for some users. It needs no separate server and routes broadcasts to other network-segments without changing your router configuration. The receive component of SL-Message runs as a real NT-service, messages are received and routed even if there is no user logged on. Now with network timeservice and compatibility with winpopup messages.

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