RVS-COM Plus 3.0 (italiano)

The all-in-one solution for your ISDN communication installs a stable and easy-to-use ISDN office on your PC




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Description of RVS-COM Plus 3.0 (italiano):

This multitalented ISDN communication software installs a stable and easy-to-use ISDN office on your PC that runs under Windows 95/98/NT, Windows Me and Windows 2000.
Make your office life easier and enjoy all the advantages of Windows Me and Windows 2000 for your communication. You can use any ISDN hardware you want: RVS-COM Standard is compatible with all standard ISDN cards and a large number of ISDN TAs and ISDN DCP routers. Your RVS or Outlook inbox becomes the control center of all incoming faxes and voicemail. Keep track of everything and work efficiently. No matter whether by fax, telephone, videoconference, remote control or data transfer - with RVS-COM ISDN communication is as easy as pie.
Features:Answerphone ; Telephone Answerphone Remote Playback ; G3/G4 Fax - sends faxes from every Windows application; Mail-Merge Faxing ; Outlook Address Book Integration ; ISDN videoconferencing (H.320) ; Eurofile Transfer/Data Transfer ; Overview of Features Remote Control ; OCR Feature ; High-Speed SoftModem(r) ; ISDN Modems ; Mailbox ; COMBAS BASIC Compiler ; Security Features ; Multi-Master ; Automatic fax printout capability ; Automatable fax transmission using command line options for RVS Fax; Unlimited logging of incoming and outgoing calls; Dialing from any TAPI-capable application, such as Outlook, with RVS Telephone; Automatic searching of Outlook Contacts based on the phone number of the incoming call; Transferring RVS Telephone Journal entries to the MS Outlook Journal and linking with Outlook Contacts; Direct transmission of PC e-mail (with all contents) from the RVS Inbox, Exchange or Outlook from PC to PC; Text mode is available for file transfer/call answering. This makes the mailbox accessible using any terminal program; Multi-channel operation of ISDN CAPI adapters, receiving calls on two channels; Support for ISDN CAPI adapters, ISDN terminal adapters (using the AT command set) and analog modems (using TAPI/Unimodem) as well as ISDN routers with Remote CAPI using RVS-COM DCP device control

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