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One of the most conspicuous features of Ruff-FTP is it's ergonomy and simple structure. These features makes Ruff-FTP to one of the most comofortable FTP-Clients nowadays. It was specially adapted to the needs of HTML programmers, who often have to transfer files very fast to various FTP servers.- Easy Drag- and Dropping of the files and directories on the server. The Localexplorer is a very important part in this procedure. - recursive up and downloading as well as deleting of whole directories an extensive server data-base with encoding - a very good performance: Fast processing of ServerRequests, and thus a fast processing of the desired actions. - Quickview option, which enables to look at HTML pages or Scripts contentwise. - A special input editor, who enables to input the commands directly - A good and clear software ergonomics, which ensures fast handling of the program to the user - Detailed view option , which enables the user to get to know detailed specifications to the directories and files - Lots of adjustment possibilities regarding variables - Direct link to paths because of a databank - Browsing the web is also possible with this program - It also inhabits an Auto-Resum function of broken downloads - You can also pull Pics and so on by Drag&Drop from Web to Ftp server. - Queque - Support (with Scheduler)- Proxy-Support- MP3 Tags- ....

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