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popConnnect plus interconnects Microsoft`s Exchange server 4.0 or higher to a pop3 Internet mailbox, providing a reliable mail system. Virus protectio




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Description of popConnect plus:

In addition to the features provided by the popConnect standard edition, popConnect Plus offers a number of enhanced features like virus control and new XML technology in a single program. It completes Microsoft Exchange server with a POP3 gateway and defeats viruses in eMail attachments by acting as a filter between the insecure web and your Exchange server. As an addiditional service, you will automatically be provided with actual lists containing viruses and trojans known in the internet.
PCP key features:connects Exchange Server to POP3 accounts ; extension of popConnect Standard Edition with virus protection ; expressions and word searching system in eMails ; sender blocking (anti spam) ; extraction of attachments ; allows inhibition of files and file types ; quick and easy configuration ; updates of viruslists with XML ; free support How does popConnect Plus work?
popConnect Plus receives eMails from POP3 mailboxes and sends them to your Exchange Server. The stored eMails are ASCII encoded and therefore, potentially attached viruses will be rendered harmless. Still before sending the messages to an Exchange Server, popConnect Plus scans them for attachments, and extracts them if necessary. Settings for attachment handling are determined via a simple interface by the "popConnect Administrator".
Searching is possible by:applications (e.g. *.doc, *.xls) ; attachments (e.g. *.exe, *.vba) ; expressions (e.g. "I LOVE YOU") ; eMail addresses (e.g. somebody@domain.com or domain.com)

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