MailBasketMD for Exchange 2000 redirects misaddressed email to an alternate mailbox and supports perdomain redirection.




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Description of MailBasketMD:

MailBasketMD reidirects (or simply delete) messages sent to nonexistent addresses on your Exchange 2000 server. MailBasketMD can redirect such mail on a per-domain basis - misaddressed messages to DOMAIN1.COM can be sent to ADMINISTRATOR@DOMAIN1.COM, and misaddressed messages to DOMAIN2.COM can be sent to POSTMASTER@DOMAIN2.COm. This product is ideal for companies that need to receive mail for ex-employees but don't want to try to keep mailboxes active for those individuals, and for "sales oriented" companies that want to be certain they receive all sales leads. You also have the option of not redirecting mail for domains that your Exchange 2000 server handles - just leave unmonitored domain out of the list! MailBasketMD is licensed on a per-server basis, regardless of the number of domains or mail accounts. One license is required for each server receives Internet mail - "back end" servers in a multiserver environment do not require licenses.

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