Lucigenic TCP/IP (Single CPU License)

Component TCP/IP implementation for the construction of advanced Internet applications.




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Description of Lucigenic TCP/IP (Single CPU License):

Lucigenic TCP/IP is an advanced component implementation of the TCP/IP protocol. This RFC compliant foundation level component provides a powerful and simple interface for the construction of robust, high performance Internet applications. In addition, Lucigenic TCP/IP provides implementations for the HTTP protocol, DNS resolver services and 442 bit secure sockets.
Lucigenic TCP/IP is a self-contained, very small footprint component that does not require any runtimes for it's operation. You can easily add Internet capabilities to applications written in just about any development system, including C++, VB, ASP, Pearl, Delphi, Visual FoxPro, PowerBuilder, Access, and so on. Lucigenic TCP/IP is thread safe and highly scalable.

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