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Amateur Radio software for digital communications. Controls TNC and Sound Cardfor PSK31




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Description of Lan-Link for Windows:

¡¤ Audio/Voice files for semi-automatic SSB/FM QSOs.. eQSL functions. Smart PacketCluster features, i.e. automatic QSY to the frequency of a DX Alert (if in PacketCluster mode).¡¤ Automatic search of HF logbook in response to a PacketCluster DX Alert Message. Customizable levels of notification. Audio Notification of Prefix status.¡¤ Start Up Communications mode is customizable.¡¤ Start Up Packet terminal mode is customizable.¡¤ Allows you to search through two logbooks for previous contacts.¡¤ Different Bragtapes/files for each communications mode.¡¤ Automatic logbook entries for Pactor, Packet and Mailbox Beacon Mode AMTOR Connects, semiautomatic logbook entries for other modes.¡¤ Provides artificial intelligence in the shape of a second operator (ELMER).¡¤ Logbook file is dBASE compatible and can be processed by the LOGBOOK Package of PC-HAM by G3ZCZ for indexed listings, tracking of DXCC and other AWARDS, etc.¡¤ Contest operation, sends standard message and automatically increments QSO count.¡¤ Automatic optimized configuration of the TNC for each communications mode.¡¤ ASCII Text Editor.¡¤ Customizable Colors.¡¤ Access to the TNC Command Mode is provided in case the user wishes to override any defaults.¡¤ CQ file.¡¤ QSL label printing capability.In PACKET RADIO¡¤ Local area network (LAN) message store and forward capability.¡¤ Automatic capture to disk of all packet radio connects.¡¤ Automatic indication of the number of Packet connects.¡¤ Capable of automatic connect attempts to download a QTC from another station in the LAN.¡¤ Capable of automatic connect attempts to a packet BBS (PBBS) to download your incoming messages, when your callsign appears on the PPBBS mail beacon annunciator.¡¤ Capable of automatically requesting Bulletins on subjects that interest you from your local PBBS.¡¤ Digipeat monitoring and capture.¡¤ Alert signal to let you know when a predetermined call shows up in a packet header on frequency.¡¤ Packet mode path determination to DX station via :QMH:.¡¤ Indicator that a specific station designated as the "buddy" call connected in Packet Mode, or linked to AMTOR Beacon or Mailbox while you were away.¡¤ Automatic NET/ROM and KA-Node path set up from directory file.¡¤ Selective answering machine and MAILBOX using Network Control Language (NC/L) command dialogue.¡¤ Screen indication of connect by desired station (target call).¡¤ Automatic Beacon Mode CQ caller.¡¤ Automatic contest (DX-pedition) mode.¡¤ Will call CQ repetitively and either work the connect and keep going after disconnect or signal you when a reply is received.¡¤ Customizable BBS Zap Commands.¡¤ Automatic search of HF logbook in response to a PacketCluster DX Alert Message. Customizable levels of notification. Audio Notification of Prefix status.¡¤ CTEXT File (LAN-LINK.OUT) which can be sent to all incoming connects.¡¤ SAREX Attack mode lets you digipeat/CQ via the SAREX station as well as try a connect. Use the CQ feature to digipeat via the Space Station, and the connect for the Space Shuttle.¡¤ Trigger to determine whom else is on channel.¡¤ Single keystroke smart PacketCluster connect.¡¤ PacketCluster DX Alert simulation in unconnected mode.

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