IQuinox is a Suite that lets you manage the usage of Internet messaging systems.


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Description of IQuinox:

IQuinox is a suite presently comprising of PostMaster Enterprise, SurfConsole (proxy server) and AvAc (AV plug-in for PostMaster) with more to come like an E-mail to Mobile Gateway and an IM module.
The Components
PostMaster Enterprise - A mail server that lets the administrator to go under the hood and configure the best possible setup for the organisation's e-mail requirements.
AvAc - Anti-virus plug-in, integrates seamlessly with PostMaster - scans mail (incoming, outgoing, internal), sends alerts, deletes unwanted attachments, auto updates.
SurfConsole - Proxy server with authentication and filtering features for regulated Internet access.
The IQuinox platform is a way to manage users through rules spanning the above applications.
Over the course 5-years and 3000+ installations, our existing PostMaster customers make a large and demanding group. Almost every aspect of product development has been based on inputs and requirements of this group. And the one common aspect that cuts across all the feedback was the need to achieve greater productivity of their digital communication.
Productivity requires processes. The key to productivity lies in the ability to define, implement, monitor and evolve procedures and processes. IQuinox has been designed to allow you to set up, monitor and refine the processes that use the Internet as a medium of communication.
IQ Features1. User Synchronisation - Create a master list of users and set access to each user as per the overall company policy - mail access, browsing access or both.
2. Bandwidth Manager - Use the IQ Bandwidth Manager to set upper limits to the amount of bandwidth each application can use. Thus, you can avoid situations where critical mail gets blocked because of high bandwidth utilisation triggered by leisure browsing or downloading of MP3s.
3. Real-time monitor - Check on live usage across applications - mails being sent or received, websites being accessed, files being downloaded, etc.

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