Inxmail Easy (Java 1.3.1, English)

Inxmail is an easy to use, powerful email marketing solution: send personalized, profiled mass e-mails - make no more ineffective bulk-mailings.




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Description of Inxmail Easy (Java 1.3.1, English):

Inxmail is a full-fledged email marketing solution. With Inxmail you realize your one-to-one permission marketing strategy. Inxcmail sends personalized mass emails in nearly no-time. You can have parts of the mail content change in respect to the recipients profile (e.g. his interests in your products). Inxmail manages and maintains large mailing lists, assists you in writing your newsletters, and helps to reach potential new customers. Inxmail is based on modern Java technology, with a very easy-to-use user interface.
Features of Inxmail Easy:Personalization ; Easy to install ; Easy to use ; Unlimited number of mailing lists ; Unlimited number of recipients ; Free choice of the "From:" address; Attach as many files as you need, personalized if you want ; Easy import of existing data ; Fast sending of mass mails ; Easy management of addresses ; Plattform independent

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