FTP for .Net

FTP Assembly for .Net with comprehensive list parser, just add a reference to the component and FTP is added to your .Net application. No registration




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Windows All Versions

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Description of FTP for .Net:

The Waymex .Net® FTP component is an assembly that will allow developers to add FTP to their .Net applications.

The component supports full FTP functionality and includes a very comprehensive FTP List parser which gives additional remote file information and additional support for versioning file systems e.g. VMS. The List Parser supports all common FTP servers including those found running on UnixLinux, MS-DOS, Windows, VMS and Netware Operating systems.

The component is supplied as a single dynamic link library. The library is unprotected i.e. it does not require registration or the presence of registry keys etc. Simply copy the dll to a suitable folder and add a reference in a .Net project to access all the methods and properties.

The assembly has been created using the .Net sockets classes operating in non-blocking mode. Socket response time outs etc are handled internally and no direct unmarshalled calls to windows API's have been made.

A Windows Help file detailing all the Methods, Events and Properties is available Here.

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