DSOAP Toolkit

DSOAP Toolkit for Delphi: SOAP web-services in few mouse clicks!




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Description of DSOAP Toolkit:

The DSOAP Tookit is a very powerful and inexpensive solution to create SOAP web-services which will be accessible from anywhere on the Internet. Based on the Microsoft SOAP SDK, it allows users of Delphi 5 and 6 Professional (as well as Enterprise) to build web services without the need for the Enterprise version.DSOAP comes with a SOAP Tester which allows you to test your web-service automatically like Visual Studio.Net users do. The WSDL Importer utility automatically builds interfaced objects for you and additional classes give you total programmatic control and access to SOAP request/responses as well as WSDL files. A special component will also automate the installation of the Microsoft SOAP SDK on the client machine.

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