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Analyse, trigger management, test, troubleshoot and log serial port and serial USB port - 3 possible operatings mode - single, dual and dual port in




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In the new version 1.5 we support 32 ports and USB over serial port. The terminal program can work in principle either with or with two of different serial haven at the same time. In the following this haven with A and B are designated. Three possible operatings mode: - single haven mode: Recording of the data either of A or B - dual haven mode, (independent) recording of the data of A and B (the data direction can be different thereby on both haven) and dual haven interface mode: Recording of communication between A and B. in addition will be received the data, those on haven A on haven B spent. The same applies in reverse to the direction of haven B toward haven A. this mode is suitable for the investigation of communication between two devices G1 and G2. place of a direct serial connection of G1 and G2 only a connection between G1 and A as well as B and G2 is particularly manufactured.

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