AvAc - plug-in - Unlimited Users

AvAc,an anti-virus utility built specially for PostMaster, provides gateway level anti-virus protection and attachment control


for PM4


$600 (USD)


Windows All Versions

AvAc - plug-in - Unlimited Users Download

Description of AvAc - plug-in - Unlimited Users:

AvAc is a plug-in for PostMaster. It works for PostMaster v4, PostMaster Express and PostMaster Enterprise. It seamlessly integrates with the mail server to scan every mail passing through it.
AvAc gives the system administrator the following options

Virus updates:
Automatic at set frequencies
Manual in case of virus outbreaks

Scan Options
Choose which type mails to be scanned - internal, incoming or outgoing

Action Options
Choose what action you wish - disinfect and deliver; delete; quarantine

Attachment Control
Specify file types (extensions) which should be deleted (e.g. klez*.* or *.PIF, etc.)

Log Reports
Generate log reports of all AvAc activity for trouble shooting purposes
For more information, visit http://www.postmaster.co.in

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