Anasil - with 20 ADAG

Anasil 2.2 Software network analyzer (5 Anasil desktop agents included)




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Novell Netware

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Description of Anasil - with 20 ADAG:

ANASIL is an Ethernet-based local area network analysis utility. Its basic functions include: network link monitoring; creating and maintaining of a list of active network stations (computers); testing of the network link and connection between stations; reporting events that some network state parameters exceeded previously defined limits; frame grabbing and analysis.The program may be especially useful for: Local area network supervisors - media load distribution analysis will be helpful to find stations generating most of the frame traffic, and point-to point tests will help find defected stations. Network profile and new station detection will allow you to easily detect intruders, who connect to your network segment. Additionally, the network profile may be used for inventory purposes. Network programmers - frame grabbing and analysis are invaluable tools while testing communication between network applications running on different nodes (stations). It is easy to create decoders for our own communication protocols in the programmable protocol decoder and then to monitor these protocols with ANASIL. ANASIL is also able to monitor the status of the NetBIOS adapters on remote stations. Network servicemen - protocol decoder and frame grabbing will be useful to detect and correct network configuration problems and point-to-point tests will help to finally check the network hardware. ANASIL, although being a Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/2000 application, recognizes not only protocols with Microsoft trademark, but it can also monitor activity of networks of the UNIX family, from Novell and Apple.

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