Note/Todo/Reminder/LAN Messaging/Addressbook utility.This program is intended for helping in daily work. You can store any kind of data in tree form




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Description of WireNote:

Note / Todo / Reminder / LAN Messenger / Address book utility.
This program was created to help in organization of daily work with such features as ToDo/Reminders and sticky notes service along with address book and LAN messenger. The kernel of the program is easy-to-use tree-structured data holder. You can store any kind of data in different ways and you will be able to access this structure at any time either from main window or from tray icon menu. You`ll never forget anything! :)All WireNote windows naturally "dock" to each other when they get near, like Winamp windows. WireNote has a lot of options for every application aspect and has a powerful messaging subsystem.This program can be used instead of standard Windows messaging service or Winpopup and can be extended in functionality when used with our other products.

Notes. Note is the small sticker window, which stays on your desktop. New note can be created in different ways - through tray menu, through main window or by pressing a defined hotkey.Notes can be used to store some text information about something you don`t want to forget. Notes can be very smart, if you want so. You can stick note to any application window in the system and note will be visible on your screen only when you work with this application, never annoying you with information you don`t need right now. Every note can have their own color code, note can be even semitransparent (if you work under windows 2000/Windows XP or higher). Look at screenshots to learn more about note possibilities.
ToDos. ToDos were designed to coordinate your activity on your workplace by holding any text data in one reachable place.ToDo can be created by just one tray click or by pressing a hotkey. ToDo stays in data tree and thus remind you about things you have to do :)You can even calculate an exact time you spend for each ToDo, or can view a report with what was done during last days (a week for example).
Reminders. Reminder is powerful feature to perform any desired action at specified time or by schedule. Reminder can start any program you want, play a sound, shutdown a computer, send a net message to other users, show ToDo or Note, or just show a small window with text. If WireNote is not running at the reminder time, action will be performed directly after WireNote starts next time.
Messages. WireNote can be used as LAN messenger application, instead of standard Windows messaging service for example.Messaging is very powerful: all messaging works with recipient name from Address book instead of real computer name (which can be hard to remember, sometimes).WireNote automatically keep track on all persons from your address book - who is online and who is not.You can send messages through one of the 3 net protocols. Two of them are standard in Windows/Unix LAN networks - netbios and mailslot.This protocols are supported by all WinPopup-like applications, so your online friends don`t have to use WireNote for messaging too.The last protocol is powerful Xpc. With XPC power you will be able to attach files to your messages and send/receive them to/from other users!
Address book. Address book can hold information about other users - their nickname, computer name and additional info.Address book is widely used for messaging. All persons from your address book periodically checked for availability for LAN messaging.
Links. This additional feature can be used for fast reaching different documents and locations. You can create any link (to the web-site or any document from your hard disk, for example) just by dragging file from any file manager or other program and dropping it near the corresponding ToDo or note (or independent 'Links' folder) in main window.As other items, link can be activated from tray icon menu or the main window.

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