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Easy instant messenger for office or home networks with ICQ-like interface.




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Description of PopMessenger (Site License):

PopMessenger is an easy instant messenger designed for office or home networks. It sends text messages from computer to computer in real-time. PopMessenger does not require an Internet connection or a dedicated server. Useful functions and easy ICQ-like interface made PopMessenger a really handy tool. It is easily configurable and can meet most of your demands.
Features include: multilingual support, messages history, current user status, easy nickname changing, auto answers, configurable sounds, colors and fonts. Also, PopMessenger has an original feature such as "Offline Message" sending which let you send a message to disconnected user.
As a result, we designed a simple-to-use interface for you. The simplicity and efficiency of PopMessenger provides the highest level of usability, ease of learning and operation.
PopMessenger is the best way to communicate your staff!

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