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GlassRoom is a web based java chat system with a stable, high performance, HTTP tunnelled, multi-threaded chat server and nice looking, easy to use, p




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GlassRoom is a web based chat system providing these capabilities and features:- Both server and client is implemented using Java so you can install your chat server on any platforms such as Windows, Linux, Apple Mac., ... and you can embed chat client applet in your HTML pages and have a view from it anywhere.- Very easy installation on Windows, Linux, ...GlassRoom is installed on Windows as a service and stays permenantly on your system and there is a wrapper perl script for Unix systems that makes installation and running easy.- Easy to use, nice looking, powerfull, flexible chat applet.- Communication behind firewalls using HTTP-tunneling technology.- Extra stable chat server : no need to restart over monthes and years !- Logging and remote administration capability.- Banning a user's IP address by a moderator user.- Flood controlling that prevents your users from sending a bothering message many times quickly.- Creating new rooms by users easily.- Very very quick reloading of applet and images.- "Chat watch" capability that replaces noise words in messages.- Server implemented using Java Servlet technology.- Specially designed GUI components that make chat applet more nice looking and work with all versions of Java including old Java 1.1 through Java 1.4

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