WebCream Enterprise Edition

WebCream is Java tool providing completely automated web-enabling for GUI Java applications and applets. WebCream works as HTML to Java converter.




$9950 (USD)


Platform independent

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Description of WebCream Enterprise Edition:

WebCream is a unique tool for Java, that provides completely automated web-enabling for GUI based Java applications and applets. WebCream allows developers to implement a GUI front end using AWT and Swing, and at the same time automatically get HTML access to the application. In a way, WebCream can be thought of as a dynamic Java to HTML converter, that converts Java frames and dialogs to HTML on the fly. It then emulates HTTP protocol requests as GUI events to retain application original logic. WebCream is unique in that it requires no modifications to existing forms, and does not require programmers to learn any APIs. It is designed to publish existing applications and applets, it's just a matter of setting up your web server and a property file describing the application. The rest is handled by WebCream.

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