Tachyon Privacy Protector

Complete security suite: online privacy, file shredder, encrypt/decrypt files.




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Description of Tachyon Privacy Protector:

Protect your privacy, and free-up your hard-drive in the process!

Complete security suite consisting of an online track eraser that removes any trace of Internet or offline activity, like web sites visited, movies played, pictures and documents viewed, a file encryption/decryption module using the industry standard RC2, RC4, DES or Triple DES algorithms, and a file shredder capable of overwriting files 35 times before deleting them. Also helps keeping the system in shape by removing temporary files.

Activity cover-up module:
Clear Browser Typed URL List ; Clear Browser Cache ; Clear Browser Cookies ; Clear Browser Favorites ; Clear Browser History ; Clear Browser Home Page ; Clear Recent Documents List ; Clear Media Player MRU List ; Clear Recycle Bin ; Clear Temporary Files ; Clear Microsoft Word MRU List ; Clear Microsoft Excel MRU List ; Clear Microsoft PowerPoint MRU List ; Clear Microsoft FrontPage XP MRU List ; Clear Microsoft PhotoDraw MRU List ; Clear Microsoft Access MRU List ; Clear Wordpad MRU List ; Clear Paint MRU List ; Clear Run MRU List ; Clear Found Documents List
File protection module:
; Securely delete (wipe) files on your computer, supports many industry standard algorithms that are approved by the US Department of Defense. The highest security algorithm overwrites the file 35 times by specific rules in order to completely remove any magnetic trace from the disk. ; Encrypt/Decrypt files with the highly secure RC2, RC4, DES or Triple DES algorithms! These are industry standard, and the latter two are so strong that they are not allowed to be exported into countries embargoed by the US.

; For your convenience, you can also quickly start a cleanup from the tray icon.

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