State of the Wireless Internet Report, August 2001

The State of the Wireless Internet study provides information about the quality of WAP applications around the world.


August 2001


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Description of State of the Wireless Internet Report, August 2001:

Since June 2001, Argogroup has been testing hundreds of WAP sites worldwide, and tracking the results of those sites' quality. We've been using URLs sourced by leading industry portal,
The aim of the study was to highlight the challenges facing today?s wireless industry, and in particular those caused by the adoption of new standards, mobile device diversity, and issues of usability and performance.
The full "State of the Wireless Internet" report is a 120-page document detailing the test results of almost 1,000 WAP sites. For each site, we trace compliance with WAP standards, interoperability against 3 major handsets, and usability against Openwave guidelines.
(You can read some of the high-level statistics of our studies on our DevZone site. These are the top-line percentages of compliance, interoperability and usability for the sites we found.)
As well as providing broad statistics about the various issues and successes experienced across the sample, the full report drills-down to provide the results of each site, providing developers of wireless sites with an insight into the challenges that lie ahead, and some of the commonly-experienced problems when deploying content.
It also allows analysts, journalists, and organisations throughout the mobile industry to gain a realistic view of the state of current services, and ways in which it can be improved.
Was your site tested as part of the State of the Wireless Internet Study? Check out the list of URLs to find out!
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