Internet Protection and Privacy software to stop popup ads, removes cookies as you browse, Cleans PC of internet files, Removes Web Bugs, and password




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Version 2.0 is fast, removes cookies as you browse!, stops popup ads before you see them, contains new feature "Squash Web Bugs" and new options to clean your PC of internet files.???SMASHES popup windows automatically and allows popups you click on.??Easy to use.??SIMPLY CLICK a 2nd time if link does not open in new window on 1st click.??Has special mode "Ultimate Popup Smash" which always requires a 2nd click, for those sites or emails that open tons of explorers without your consent at one time.CRUNCHES Cookies as you browse to protect your privacy. Removes information websites store on your pc without your consent.??You also have the ability to put back cookies crunched by smasher and prevent web sites from changing cookies you allowed.SQUASHES Web Bugs in your web page and replaces them with a smasher eye! Moving your mouse over any smasher eye displays the web bug content in the explorer status bar.PROTECTS Explorer using existing network/windows password to prevent unauthorized access to the internet under your login. (Great to use at the Office)CLEANS PC of Internet files when closing last Internet Explorer.

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