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MyPORTAL is an easy-to-use program that will help you manage your portal website. MyPORTAL comes with plenty of features that will make your work easi




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Program features:? Each add has gateway with full add details? Extafields for each category now can be added (like color, size, weight, age, sex, language, country and so on...) and each category can have some special extrafields (both text fields and drop-down lists)? Files and images gallery for each add (multiple files, scripts, images, links to them or display them on the page). This feature also supports swf files for display along with a normal image.? Hits/votes/comments system? Recommend Us and Tell a Friend. Your visitor will be able to refer your website or a link from your database to his/her friends.? Either admin can make it so users cannot post and only admin can (which makes this more like a catalog system) or another version that does this. In this one is incorporated the basket so you could make a real good shopping/catalog system? Anyone should be able to browse the site but to input an ad must login or to add review to an ad must log in? Lost password retrieval and cookie remember me on ad create and modify? Mailing gateway to hide real user e-mails to avoid spaming? Display hot links and new links at the main page.? External rating. Allows a webmaster to put rating code into his/her website, which refer to your portal. Thus, he/she will be able get rated from his/her visitor directly without leaving his/her website.? Broken link report. Allows your visitor to report a broken link from your website. Thus, you can find broken links easily and your database should be clean from bad links.? Display image folder in categories list. You can put your own small image in front of categories list.? User-defined database field. This feature will enable you to create various database driven website, such as web directory, image gallery, program/scripts directory, classified ads, and catalog products? Modify template files on fly. Update your template files anywhere and anytime you want while you are online. Does not need to upload files again.? Mailing list. Allows your visitor to subscribe or unsubscribe your mailing list. You can import or export subscribers list, and send them your newsletter.? Full databases backup and restore. You can make a full backup of your database and save it in your hard disk. You can use it to restore your current database just in case you?re moving to a new server or you are having problem with your current database.? Summary report of your portal. When logged in as administrator, you will get a summary of your portal such as, how many links or categories you have, how many links or review that must be approved, and how many broken links report do you have.To access admin area please send your requests to

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