MM3-WebAssistant Professional (Multi-License 100)

This license authorized you for installation and use on 100 computers.


2003/60 (470kB)


$689.65 (USD)


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Description of MM3-WebAssistant Professional (Multi-License 100):

The MM3-WebAssistent helps you use the information overload of the Internet more efficiently and at reduced cost at the same time.

The most important advantages of the proxy off-line reader are:All web sites visited are archived.; There is no difference between on- and offline mode for the user.
This principle award this offline browser.; You can then browse offline in the cache archive without the pressure of timing. In online mode the cache archive is used for acceleration or is actualized.; Supported protocols are http, https and ftp.; Links to locally available files are marked.; Highlighting the difference between new and locally available HTML page in the online mode.; For the navigation it is possible to use the archive and your bookmark collection.; The filing of web site collections according to specific subjects is supported.; An exchange of collections beyond platforms is possible.; Comprehensive filtering is individually configurable with this utility.
Thus, it is possible to mask out adverts for example.; Caching the domain and IP address (DNS).; As it was developed using the latest Java[TM] technology, the MM3-WebAssistant can be applied on many different platforms.; Operating Systems: Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP, Mac, Linux, Unix, Solaris, OS/2; Simple and completely transparent installation and deinstallation.; You find an extensive description on the home page of MM3Tools.; This license authorized you for installation and use on 100 computers.The ideal addition to every browser!
Why hesitate? Use the MM3-WebAssistent when you browse next.

You will find that you would not want to do without this Assistant anymore.

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