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Surf the Internet with total privacy! A4Proxy is essential for anonymous Internet surfing. It provides you with excellent tools to locate, test and lo




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Big Brother Has Gone Blind! Surf the Internet with Total Privacy! Anonymity 4 Proxy (A4Proxy) is a proxy server agent that lets you travel the Internet with total privacy. It provides excellent tools to locate, test, and logon to open proxy servers. This network of publicly accessible servers generate unique IP addresses that shield your current connection when relaying HTTP, Secure HTTP and FTP requests.You can scan each server, check its response time, confirm its anonymity and IP isolation factors, and set the best candidate as your default proxy.You can also SHARE your anonymous Internet connection with others over a LAN. If you are a network administrator working in an environment with special security requirements, you may be interested in some advanced features A4Proxy offers: modification of any HTTP variables, monitoring client requests, stop lists for clients and remote hosts, and much more.This is a complete and expandable solution for both individual users and businesses concerned with their security and privacy of Web communications.A nice selection of pre-tested servers is included, with more (several hundred!) available in the registered version. The registered version has no limitations on the size of the server database, and provides true live operation.

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