WinControl-Center is a product for Web master and Script programmer. facilitate the work for 54 freely programmable switching surfaces and shorten.




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Description of WinControl-Center:

Soft-Land WinControl-Center
is to facilitate with its 54 programmable switching surfaces not only webmasters and script-programmers the work, but also work all for those regularly with many programs, files and listings. The programmable switching surfaces facilitate the work and shorten the development time uncommonly, since programs and files substantially faster can be accessed.
Soft-Land GateStar
are the Soft-Land webbrowser and a firm component of the WinControl-Center. Soft-Land GateStar for those developed, which have several InterNet accounts, because a function contains GateStar around entrance data accounts coded to store and if necessary make fast visible, thus is void the constant note of user names and passwords. In the link catalog frequently use InterNet addresses can to be stored over fast and directly at the goal arrive. Furthermore GateStar has disturbing PopUp's a PopUp barrier, thus can be simply switched off.
Soft-Land GateStar

Functions of WinControl-Center
In the register map Win-Tools are available the following functions:

- Windows start again
- Windows shut down
- LogOut
- File search
- File explorer
- GateStar
- InterNet-Connections

- Task-Mannager
- Systhemkonfiguration
- Regedit
- Defrag
- Checkdisk
- DiskClean
- Data media administration
- Performance-Monitor
- Calculator
- MS-Paint
- MS-Notepad
- MS-Wordpad
Into the register map:programs, left & listings

are to you 54 freely programmable switching surfaces at the disposal, which are adapted with the integrated administrative program at will
an your needs and programmed.For each switching surface can a picture even sketched in the *bmp format are inserted, in order to arrange your WinControl center still clearer.

to the programming of the switching surfaces

In register map Local IP address

can you your dynamic IP address see, which can do you assigned by your respective InterNet Provider with a choice.Furthermore the status of the current InterNet connection are examined, a flashing text tell if you are on-line or off-lines.

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