VRsky 3DChat world [Type A]

Do you want own Virtual Reality 3D Chat world? seem just as 3D game ,support stream video and audio.see 3D avatar each other.manage many things .


1.0 Type A


$200 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of VRsky 3DChat world [Type A]:

Introduction:300$/year Max user number at the same time: 10Do you want get own 3D community ? as your 3D homepage,stage party...* it is seem just as 3D game ,support stream video and audio(realplayer format : .ra .rm .ram) * you can multiuser chat in your 3D community .and see 3D avatar each other :)* you can upload own picture to 3D world .* VRsky 3D world could run quickly even on 56K bandwidth .

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