TreeTable applet - advanced version

TreeTable applet - an unique Java tree/grid applet based on AWT and running in browsers! Doesn't require JRE and/or Swing or JFC.




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Platform independent

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Description of TreeTable applet - advanced version:

TreeTable applet - an unique Java tree/grid applet.If you want to represent your information dynamically, need to show hierarchical information in a comfortable way, or looking for a way to have a sortable grid, TreeTable applet is the right solution for you.Applet can load its content from XML, allows editing of cells content as a text field (like in Excel), put checkboxes, combo boxes, hyperlinks, pictures and any other widgets in cells. Light-weight (only 73Kb), high-performance, having clear and comfortable API, applet is highly useful for representation of data in commercial applications. Such features, as dynamical loading of items by opening of subnodes, gives possibility to satisfy client's requirements to display really huge amounts of data fetched from database.

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