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Description of The SuperGrid:

Vertical Scrolling : Long html tables are hard to read because the header scrolls with the page. SuperGrid solves the problem enabling you to scroll the body of the table and leave the header in place.
; Horizontal Scrolling: Tables that would not normally fit in a browser because of their width can now be incorporated in any webpage: SuperGrid will scroll any extra content for you.
By the way: the header scrolls too!
; Column Drag and Drop: Do not like the column order? Move columns around dragging their header from a position to another!
; Sortabole Columns: Click on the arrow images on the header part of the table to see the table sorting itself.
; Paging: implements several types of paging. You can choose the one you like and plug it in the SORT function. 
SuperGrid has it's own default paging method. It is fast and simple to manage.
; Cursor Highlighting: Move your mouse on the main grid and see how the underlying row changes.
; Row Select with a click: Click on any row: it gets selected and highlighted like in any windows environment: Powerful!
; Page indicator: "Page 3 of 40": always know wich row you are working on!
; Dynamic page size
User can dynamically change the size of the page!

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