I-Tracks Cleaner

I-Tracks Cleaner is an effective way of removing internet cache, cookies, history, and much much more...




$10 (USD)


Windows All Versions

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Description of I-Tracks Cleaner:

We have developed a product that we feel is both easy and an efficient way of cleaning up your most personal information. Our easy plugin system will allow us to keep your software up to date with new software. It also enables us to delete things that conventional means don't allow like registry settings and history files.There are also other things that we provide that our competitors don't which is a real sense of security. Our software will make sure that the files deleted are really deleted and won't be subject to recovery.One great advantage to our software is its cheap price. Why pay $30 - $40 for software that should be really priced much less. Our software only cost $10 , more than half what they want for theirs. We believe that software should be priced what its really worth not double or even triple.

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