GL-AD Popup Terminator

Kill those annoying Ad Popup generated by web pages.




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Windows All Versions

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Description of GL-AD Popup Terminator:

Ad Popup Killer
 For Windows 98/2000/NT/XPGleanerSoft Ad Popup Terminator is an intelligentpopup killer that can identify the unwanted popup windows generatedby web pages and kill them before they appear on the screen. Itincludes a user-friendly interface for you to customize it. You canbuild up your own url list of sites that their popup windows shouldnot be killed, disable/enable popup killer, disable/enable trayicon, or even return Internet Explorer context-menu to its originalsettings. Get this smart popup killer and surf without pesky popupad now!
Some Features:
Automatically runs and killspopup when you start Internet Explorer.; Takes up minimal memory and CPUspace, never slows down your Internet Explorer.; A user-friendly interface makesit easy for anyone to use this ad popup killer.; Life-long statistics to log thenumber of visited web pages and killed popup windows.; Easy to configure, disable ,enable, and uninstall.; You can press Shift or ALT keyat any time when browsing web pages to disable popup terminatortemporarily and show all popup windows.
  Supported platforms: Windows98/2000/NT/XP. 
  Note :GL-ADPopup Terminator only support Microsoft Internet Explorer,because it uses some new techniques that other browsers such asNetscape and Opera don't utilize.

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