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EzWAP: The Mobile Internet experience on your PDA.




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Description of EzWAP 2.1 for Pocket PC:

EzWAP: The Mobile Internet experience on your Pocket PC.

EzWAP places Mobile Internet information and services in the palm of your hand. Devices such as Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs which run our EzWAP micro-browser, offer easy and secure access to relevant Internet/Intranet information over wireless networks thanks to our integrated support for WML 1.2.1, cHTML and XHTML basic standards. Simply install EzWAP on your device, connect to your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and then you can browse Mobile Internet sites as easily as you currently browse HTML sites using a standard web browser.

EzWAP 2.1 not only gives instant access to all the WAP portals but also provides Pocket PC/Pocket PC 2002 users with easy access to numerous kinds of data resources, such as: Microsoft Exchange Server via Microsoft Mobile Information Server 2002; Lotus Notes via Domino Everyplace; or any other enterprise application you may want to mobile enable using Oracle9iAS Wireless or Microsoft Mobile Internet Toolkit.

Version 2.1 of EzWAP is available in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Traditional and Continental Chinese, and has been specifically tested against Mobile Information Server and Outlook Mobile Access, thus ensuring the best possible experience for Pocket PC and Handheld PC users.

Key features

Powerful browser including all the necessary functionality for Mobile Internet access

100% compatible with PC companions running Windows Powered Pocket PC (for the latest supported platforms, please check on EZOS Web site : http://www.ezos.com)

Integrated support of WML 1.2.1, cHTML and XHTML-basic standards

Strong user authentication through RSA SecurID? technology

Manages Bookmarks

Full support for HTTP and WSP/WTP through a WAP gateway

Completely WAP 1.2.1 compliant and backward compatible with WAP 1.1 and earlier

Support of PUSH-SI, PUSH-SL and PUSH-WML protocols

Support of WTLS Class 3 and algorithms RSA, RSA768, RSA512, RSA_anon, RSA768_anon, RSA512_anon, RC5CBC, RC5CBC56, SHA.

Colours! Extra Support of PNG, JPG, GIF and animated-GIF format !

Sounds! Extra Support of WAV format!

Geographical Location Information Option! EzWAP allows you to send geographical coordinates

Details on large volume pricing may be obtained by contacting info@ezos.com.

Copyright ? 2000, EZOS s.a. All Rights Reserved.

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