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Bonodi XML Editor is a multilingual XML editor with automated Web Browser for Web page clipping.




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Windows All Versions

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Description of Bonodi XML Editor:

Bonodi XML Editor is a multilingual XML editor for Microsoft Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP.
You can edit XML documents in different languages, including English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Greek, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic, and other languages on any language version of Microsoft Windows.

You can enhance features of Bonodi by writing your scripts. Scripts are the text files in which software programs are written.

Keyboard shortcuts and script's feature can be associated at your choice.

Bonodi's search facilitates searching with XPath pattern and other search methods. Bonodi's search feature can be applied to an opened XML document, or all opened XML documents, or all XML files in one or more folders. Various operations can be also applied at your option to the found nodes. Renaming node's name, inserting new nodes, deleting nodes, changing upper or lower case of node's name or value, replacing text in node's name or value, applying regular expression substitution for node's name or value, and more operations are provided.

Bonodi can convert from HTML document to XHTML document.

Bonodi can validate XML documents with DTD.

Bonodi does not support editing contents of DOCTYPE node or DTD, however, Bonodi can open XML documents with DOCTYPE declaration, and save to a file with original DOCTYPE declaration.

Bonodi has a built-in Web Browser. Bonodi can convert the Web page's content shown in Bonodi's Web Browser to XML DOM representation. Bonodi can fill any text boxes in the Web page in Bonodi's Web Browser by using separate script file(s). Note that Bonodi's script files, which work for Web pages, are not embedded in the Web page, nor linked from the Web page. Bonodi's script files for Web pages are registered to Bonodi prior to opening Web pages.

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