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ASP-Files and Session tracking with every web server that supports CGI-programs.




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Description of ActiveHTML Workstation:

seliSoft ActiveHTML is a extreme powerful CGI program that provides pure Active Server Pages on nearly every webserver. Developing dynamic web content was never easier!Features and benefits:- 100% (nearly) compatible ASP3.0(!)-Engine- Full support for Session-Variables with every webserver!- Automatic GZIP content compression like IIS 5.0 with every webserver- Pure CGI-Solution - works on nearly every webserver around- Uses original Microsoft VBScript and JScript engines (max. compatibility)- Use Server-ActiveX-Components (Filesystem, ADO, ...) with every webserver- Use ActiveX-Components designed for Microsoft IIS (except MTS-components)- Use your own compiled components (e.g. Visual Basic), Sample included- Use Remote-Scripting to validate a userinput without submitting a form- Very compfortable uploading of one or more files: Upload.Files.Count, ...- Run console programs and return output: Exec.OutputText, ...- Any available scripting language is supported (Perlscript, Python, ...)- Use encoded ASP files (VBScript, JScript) to protect your work- Use Typelibs instead of include-files- Build dynamic web pages with database-support very easy- Take advantage of many (freeware) ASP-solutions you will find on the web- Combine the features of your favorite webserver with Active Server Pages- Additionl objects: ContentLinking, AdRotator, Counters, BrowserCapabilities- Use different config files for different virtual hosts- Switch useraccout within ASP-Files (allow/restrict fileaccess/network)- Set custom useraccount for anonymous access (much more secure than system)

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